Trend: Poke Bowl


ahipoke2Image courtesy of Erica of Honestly YUM

Los Angeles is where everyone and everything can become famous and Poke (pronouncedpoh-kay), is the new rave to follow kale and avocado toast. What is poke, you may ask. Other than a Hawaiian style marinated tuna, poke is also a lifestyle delicacy. Typically, there are a variety of delicious marinades that makes for different flavors you can choose from. You can top your rice with poke to make it a meal, or have it as is.

It’s fresh and simple palate is poke’s appeal to the many health conscious Angelenos, plus they’re the perfect target for new Instagram posts. At least a dozen poke restaurants are already taking LA by storm, check out the following to get your poke fix!

  1. Jus’ Poke
    501 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach, (310) 379-1133
  2. Mainland Poke Shop
    83181/2 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, (323) 452-9904
  3. Ohana Poke Co.
    130 E. 6th St., Los Angeles, (213) 265-7561
  4. Poke Poke
    1827 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, (424) 228-5132
  5. Pokinometry
    6801 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 316, Los Angeles, (323) 645-7730
  6. Poke Salad Bar
    12 W. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena
  7. Spinfish Poke
    36 W. Colorado Blvd., No. 7, Pasadena
  8. Sweetfin Poke
    829 Broadway, Santa Monica
  9. Wiki Poki
    3438 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, (213) 739-4363
  10. Bear Flag Fish Co.
    7972 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, (949) 715-8899
  11. Poke Bar
    8539 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, (310) 657-4294
  12. Poke N’ Roll
    413 S Central Ave, Glendale, (818) 265-3839

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