Explore and Conquer

When you think of the most important people in your life, you would probably say family, significant others, and close friends. But we often forget one very important person, ourselves. Finding time to care and center yourself is often overlooked but extremely necessary. One of our team members recently got back from a soul searching and inspiring trip to Peru and Ecuador, after hearing of their adventures it motivated us all at l&b to strive for more.


Travel is a form of self-care that will always make you a better person in the end. Faced with the challenges of a being somewhere new,  you will lose and find yourself all at the same time. A different culture, language, and even cuisine, can push you to open your minds and hearts.

Travel gives you the confidence to break out of everyday comfortability and to never stop exploring and learning about yourself. So take the time, buy the ticket, go on the road trip. Experience all the world has to offer.


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