Founded by Paul Ryan, loft & bear delivers the finest handcrafted vodka. Characterised by its sweet and rich aroma, the silky smooth spirit of Young State America Distillery is perfect for everyone, whether you are looking to sip quality spirit or to add a unique flavour profile your cocktail. The award winning spirit is not only taking over LA’s food & beverage scene, but also supports the local community by donating 5% of profits to charities whose principles support distressed families, veteran’s affairs and human services.

loft & bear proudly presents The McFly Project as an extension of Los Angeles’ favourite artisanal vodka. A blog dedicated to encourage and inspire our audience by speaking our minds and starting discussions.

The McFly Project will exhibit the authenticities of the team behind loft & bear–covering all things from yoga, the LA Dodgers and EDM, to recent events, tech, food trends and anything Los Angeles.

Follow The McFly Project to see what the buzz is all about, and don’t forget to like it and share it!

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