Explore and Conquer

When you think of the most important people in your life, you would probably say family, significant others, and close friends. But we often forget one very important person, ourselves. Finding time to care and center yourself is often overlooked but extremely necessary. One of our team members recently got back from a soul searching and inspiring trip to Peru and Ecuador, after hearing of their adventures it motivated us all at l&b to strive for more.


Travel is a form of self-care that will always make you a better person in the end. Faced with the challenges of a being somewhere new,  you will lose and find yourself all at the same time. A different culture, language, and even cuisine, can push you to open your minds and hearts.

Travel gives you the confidence to break out of everyday comfortability and to never stop exploring and learning about yourself. So take the time, buy the ticket, go on the road trip. Experience all the world has to offer.


Sunlight and Sustenance

IMG_3821When was the last time you got the family/friends together and just enjoyed a picnic outside for an afternoon? Long time right? In our digital age, it’s even more uncommon than ever. So for International Picnic Day (June 18) treat your loved ones to sunlight and sustenance. Sometimes the simplest things are the ones most fulfilling.

Los Angeles is a bursting metropolis but within in you can find green, and sky and a welcome place to come enjoy the simple things in life. Grand Park in Downtown is a favorite with the corporate workers looking for a lunchtime escape and the families needing a place where their toes can explore the feeling of grass.IMG_3809_lowresIMG_3817_edit_lowresIMG_3812IMG_3823

When Will Construction End?


In 2013, Ratkovich Co. purchased the Macy’s Plaza in Downtown LA for $240 million. It was announced that the plaza will go through a makeover in 2014 and will be named The Bloc. Today, in 2016, we are still waiting for the construction to end.

But in the meanwhile, lets talk about how the makeover will benefit us as customers. First of all, The Bloc will not have huge concrete walls separating it from the outside world. It will have an open-air concept, which will have a lot of sunlight. It will become pedestrian friendly providing a nice escape from the chaotic downtown life. Also it will have direct connection to the 7th Street Metro Center, which is a huge plus in a city like Los Angeles where one of the biggest hassles we experience is just finding a parking spot.

The new Bloc will have many hip store additions. It will have a gallery-like shop “Free-Market”, luxury men’s brand Wingtip, a GNC, a toy shop Mr. G for kids, as well as Alamo Drafthouse Cinema which will screen indie films with a nice selection of craft Californian Beers. It will bring Boston based restaurant Davios, a gelato-popsicle shop Popbar, juice bar Robeks, as well as a 24 hour open Starbucks.



The Sheraton will also go through a renovation and will have a restaurant and a bar in the first floor called District for the ones who would like to enjoy a nice lunch or a drink after work. For the ones who like to workout and maintain a healthy lifestyle, The L.A Fitness will also go under construction and expand its services by adding a nice and big pool.

We really hope that The Bloc will open its doors soon and we all can have nice space to relax and take a break from this upbeat downtown life.