You’re Fucking Beautiful.

IMG_4106_editLove. It’s what the world needs more than anything, and we tried spreading some in DTLA last week.

Hugs. Flowers. Balloons. Telling Angelenos they’re fucking beautiful. Little things to brighten up people’s day was our strategy.IMG_4023_edit.jpgIMG_4080_editWe, as a company, strive to do good for the world and our community, and we implement that into every part of our business we can. From the drought-free California spring water we use for our product, to 5% of our profits being donated to charity every year.

We don’t do all of this purely for marketing purposes or to hop on a corporate trend, we do this because we feel it’s just the right thing to do, and we enjoy making the world just a little bit nicer.

What can you do today?IMG_4101_edit.jpgIMG_4048_edit.jpgIMG_4054_edit.jpgIMG_4070_edit_b&w.jpg