You’re Fucking Beautiful.

IMG_4106_editLove. It’s what the world needs more than anything, and we tried spreading some in DTLA last week.

Hugs. Flowers. Balloons. Telling Angelenos they’re fucking beautiful. Little things to brighten up people’s day was our strategy.IMG_4023_edit.jpgIMG_4080_editWe, as a company, strive to do good for the world and our community, and we implement that into every part of our business we can. From the drought-free California spring water we use for our product, to 5% of our profits being donated to charity every year.

We don’t do all of this purely for marketing purposes or to hop on a corporate trend, we do this because we feel it’s just the right thing to do, and we enjoy making the world just a little bit nicer.

What can you do today?IMG_4101_edit.jpgIMG_4048_edit.jpgIMG_4054_edit.jpgIMG_4070_edit_b&w.jpg

The Mini Is Here

IMG_2729In case you’ve missed the new mini that we have added to the family, here it is. This unassuming bottle is 100 ml of loft & bear goodness. Take it to the beach, take it on an airplane, heck, take it in the club. (who wants to pay $16 for a drink anyways)

You can find them for sale at these locations with more to come!

Distilled in Los Angeles Arts District
Drink Responsibly

How Millennials Are Reshaping the Food Industry

back-to-the-futureImage stolen from the internet

This week we celebrated Back to the Future Day and wow, things have changed drastically since the first movie came out. At a time where anything and everything is a button away, companies are having to think smart about how to keep up with the economy. “The VC Grocery List” by Corie Bown in the Entrepreneur Magazine  discussed the progress in technology that made it possible for the food sector to meet millenials’ growing demands for time-efficient and high quality products.

Today we have, “Big Data for farming, alternative and better sources for nutrition, and the reimagination of food delivery,” states Randy Komisar of Tech Crunch.

Among other things, consumers have only scraped the top of the value chain by raving about Postmates and Grubhub. Yet, according to Brown, VC’s have picked up venture trends like plant and insect proteins, aquaponics and urban farming that are predicted to go onwards and upwards. Tech-savvy food and beverage industry is also contributing to the wellbeing of the planet and the population by reducing waste and use of chemicals as well as accelerating distribution.

It’s interesting how millennials’ obsession with tech and Big Data is a trait that’s often criticized is also rousing the world be more and more efficient everyday. The ever-evolving pressure has inspired many to be creative in using technology.

As handmade artisanal vodka, loft & bear invests time to explore new technologies to expand while maintaining authenticity. Write us what you think about the potentials of F&B and loft & bear!