California Primary Is Here!

IMG_3742_lowresIMG_3763_lowresToms (you know, the charitable shoe company) recently held an event with Rock the Vote (you know, the organization that encourages young people to vote).

The event, in contrast to most political functions, was….fun! The people weren’t divided by political party, ideology, or socioeconomic status, but united by common interest and intrigued camaraderie. Politics, rather than being treated as something to never be spoken of, rather than being something consciously ignored by everyone as a topic unfit for comfortable discourse until the day of election, was made the center of the evening.


You didn’t have to talk about politics to enjoy what transpired. Whether you spent the evening sitting back to the live music, loitering by the bar to indulge in cocktails, or listening to the speakers, everyone was there for encouraging charity, voting, and making the world a better place through purposeful and positive action.

The California Primary is June 7. You know what to do.